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Baker College of Clinton Township Writing Center Feedback
Thank you for visiting the Baker College of Clinton Township Writing Center. At the end of your visit, please take a few minutes to provide us with feedback so we can improve the services offered by the Writing Center. This survey is anonymous; even if you are logged in, your user information is not recorded or attached to this survey. (N.B.Writing Center is abbreviated to WC in this survey.) Questions marked with a * are required.

Who did you work with?

Is this your first visit to the WC? :


Were you able to schedule the first appointment time that you wanted?


  No- but I was able to easily find another

  No- and the schedule is often filled when I want an appointment

  Yes- but the schedule is often filled when I want an appointment

* You must select at least one of the above answers.
How would you rate this session?


Is your instructor giving you credit for visiting the Writing Center today?


Did you and the tutor meet the session goals?


Did you have the opportunity to express your ideas?



Do you know what to do next on your assignment?


Did you feel comfortable working in the WC? :


In what ways was the Writing Center able to assist you which you haven't found elsewhere?
Course your assignment is for (i.e. ENG 101):


What writing project/assignment did you work on? :


How did you find out about the WC? :




  Class Visit

  Open House



If you answered other above please specify.:


How often do you visit the Writing Center? :


Comments about your session / Suggestions to improve the WC experience:
Would you recommend your tutor to a friend? :


Will you return to the WC? :
If the Writing Center were to offer additional student workshops, what subjects or skills would be most useful to you?